5 Most Amazing Features Of Canvas Tarps To Know About

5 Most Amazing Features Of Canvas Tarps To Know About

Though vinyl is the clear choice for truck tarps, the canvas is a more appropriate material in some circumstances. It is a good idea for flatbed truckers to carry at least a couple of canvas tarps on board just in case shippers or receivers require them.

It could be that you do not know much about canvas because you have no need to know. Well, we want to help you expand your knowledge. There are five things to know about it, may influence your decision to use them for cargo control.

5 Most Amazing Features of Canvas Tarps to Know About

Things to Know About Canvas Tarps:

Canvas tarps are very much useful and important for flatbed. There are various important aspects to know about these tarps. But here we have described to 5 important things about canvas tarps.


Made of tight woven and extra wear-resistant canvas making it stiffer and more durable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The robust construction of the tarp cover guarantees a long service life which is ideal for industrial and commercial use.


Designed to perform in all weather conditions. The canvas fabric tarp is made of breathable materials with a premium waterproof coating to allow a minimal airflow for drying out the dampness and humidity but still prevent water to seep in. Excellent in keeping you and your valuables protected from harsh light rays and rain.


The canopy tent cover features rust-resistant brass plated grommets every 2 feet on all sides to maximize the tension and prevent the tarp from tearing. It also allows you to tie down and secure the trap in a robust manner to withstand high winds and harsh elements conditions.


The heavy-duty weatherproof canvas tarp is known for its extreme versatility use in covering and protecting your valuables from harsh weather conditions to withstanding elements outdoor. Suitable use but not limited to as canopy tent roof, camping tent, car and truck covers, furniture cover, firewood cover, and others that require the use of the tarp.

【Environmentally Friendly】

Most flatbed truck tarps are made of vinyl, polypropylene, or polyethylene. While all three materials are rather strong and able to withstand the punishment of flatbed trucking, neither is necessarily environmentally friendly. Canvas is. Canvas is made from cotton or linen duck fibers. As such, it will not harm the environment even after a tarp wears out and has to be disposed of. Given enough time, a discarded canvas tarp would completely decompose.

5 Most Amazing Features of Canvas Tarps to Know About1

Please note the following ways to extend the life of your canvas :

1、Keep away from corrosive substances as far as possible.

2、After the canvas has been used, you can sweep up the dirt on the tarp.

3、Avoid friction and collision with sharp metals during use.

4、After use, the canvas can be stored in a cooler indoor environment.

5、Canvas should not be pressed by heavy objects as far as possible, and can be placed in the corner of the warehouse.

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