Outdoor Vehicle Cover

Outdoor Vehicle Cover

  • Truck Tarp Manufacturer Since 1993

    Truck Tarp Manufacturer Since 1993

    Dandelion can manufacture and supply wholesale vinyl truck tarps in multiple color selections. Some popular sizes of lumber tarps, including 16′x27′ with 4ft drop, 20′x27′ with 6ft drop, 24′x27′ with 8ft drop, etc., together with a variety of raindrops to complete the truck tarp’s design. Truck tarps are aimed to protect the truckload last for years.

    These durable truck tarps are highly recommended for the flatbed trucking industry, like lumber tarps, steel tarps, coil tarps, and machine tarps. They are 100% waterproof, mildewproof, and UV resistant. They provide great versatility to protect safe transport.

  • Dump Truck Mesh Tarp Manufacturer Since 1993

    Dump Truck Mesh Tarp Manufacturer Since 1993

    Dandelion supplies wholesale dump truck mesh tarp to match the various rolling-up tarp systems. You can select or customize from 8′x18′ to 8′x 35′. Dump truck mesh tarps are abrasion-resistant and UV resistant, designed to cover mine or debris cargos on dump trucks, which can protect the goods and environment. Our company’s dump truck mesh tarp is beneficial to mine exploration transportation.

    Want a bulk purchase of these dump truck mesh tarps? Here in Dandelion, we can indeed provide you with selections that will appeal to your business or logistics needs. If you want to add other unique techniques, please contact us immediately. We are more than willing to assist and collaborate with you.

  • Utility Trailer Tarp Manufacturer in China

    Utility Trailer Tarp Manufacturer in China

    Dandelion utility trailer tarps are lightweight and easy to set up, helping the outback user keep their belongings dry in winter and out of the sun in summer.

    Many fabrics are optional for these covers, such as PVC, cotton canvas, and other customized materials. Our utility trailer tarps come with seat belt reinforced hems and rust-proof grommets. Our made-to-order tarps can be customized to your exact needs.