6 Main Properties Of Tarpaulin

6 Main Properties Of Tarpaulin

Breathability must be considered for tarpaulins, especially for military tarpaulins. The influencing factors of air permeability include substrate structure, density, material, type of waterproof cleaner, resin adhesion, etc. With the increase of resin adhesion, the air permeability of the tarp decreases. Of course, it depends on the detergent used. Generally speaking, breathable tarpaulin is mostly made of white wax or acrylonitrile resin clean cotton, vinylon, varnished nylon and other staple fabric products.

2.Tensile Strength
Tarpaulin should accept all kinds of tension when in use , such as fixed tension; It will be affected by wind, rain and other additional forces in the application process . Although affected by these external forces, they are still required to maintain the original shape, not easily deformed, which requires tarpaulin with a high tensile strength, and it should not be too different in the tensile strength of latitude and longitude. Generally speaking, it should choose high strength polyester, vinylon and other long fiber fabric for the base cloth. The strength of the fiber material and the density of the fabric firstly determine the strength of the product.

3.Dimensional Stability
As eaves tent and large roof tent, fabric should not be excessive elongate if often used under tension, , its dimensional stability depends on the creep properties of the material.

 6 Main Properties Of Tarpaulin

4.Tearing Strength
The damage of tarpaulin is mainly caused by tearing, so tear strength is an important indicator of tarpaulin. Tear strength is related to whether the tarp will break due to the impact of flying objects, or for some reason it will spread around after the hole formed, and creating a large structural crack. Therefore, when the tension is larger, the tarpaulin is required not only to have a higher tensile strength, but also a higher tearing strength.

5.Water Resistance
Water resistance is an important characteristic of tarpaulin. After soaking, vinyl chloride resin is filled in the gaps between the fabric to form a film. If the amount of resin adhesion per unit area exceeds a certain degree, water resistance will not be a problem. If the film is very thin, it is easy to break and may form muddy water when it subjected to bending, soft rubbing or appearance wear.

6.Fire Resistance
In terms of application security, the tarpaulin is required to have good flame retardance. Flame retardance can be obtained by selecting flame retardant fibers and substrates, or by adding flame retardants to the coating agent. The amount of flame retardants added is directly related to the flame retardation.

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