How To Choose The Color Of Tarps?

How To Choose The Color Of Tarps?

How to Choose the Color of Tarps

Many friends do not know that color is also a key factor to consider when choosing tarpaulin products. The color of the tarpaulin will affect the light and temperature under it, The higher the brightness, the higher the transmittance. With poor light transmittance, the lower light tarp may block some of the natural pyrogen provided by the sun.

Therefore, We need to choose a reasonable tarpaulin color according to the daily application place. For example, low-light green and brown are a good choice if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment.

Under normal circumstances, The color of PE tarpaulin is composed of two parts, mainly using the surface coating process. When becoming a color master material to participate in polyethylene, it can make it colorless, tasteless. If you buy the tarpaulin which is discolored, maybe you’re buying a fake one or a bad one.

How to Choose the Color of Tarps1

Tarpaulin manufacturers generally choose polyester as greige cloth material in the production of waterproof tarpaulin, and made of wax oil, with the function of waterproof, mildew-proof , dust-proof and so on.

This kind of tarpaulin has many applications:

1.Can be used as a rolling curtain for various breeding farms, such as pig farms, cattle farms, livestock farms and other places.
2.Can be used as the open warehouse for station, wharf, port, airport.
3.Can be used for cars, trains, ships, cargo tarpaulin.
4.Can also build temporary grain storage and various crops of outdoor cover, as well as construction sites, electricity construction sites, temporary shed and warehouse materials.
5.Another application area is packaging machinery and machines.

If you are going to use a waterproof tarp under these circumstances, be sure to check its quality in advance and avoid damage during use.

In order to maintain long use of tarpaulin, here are some tips for you.

When using the tarpaulin, do not wear shoes directly walk on it, avoid breaking the strength of fabric.

Keep it as dry as possible. After the goods are covered, remember to hang the tarp to dry, if a little dirty, gently scrub with water.

Be careful not to use chemical lotion or scrub vigorously, which will damage the waterproof film on the surface of the fabric and reduce its waterproof effect. If the tarpaulin is moldy, gently brush it off with a sponge dipped in detergent.

Post time: Dec-28-2022