Field Tarp

Field Tarp

  • Field Tarp Manufacturers in China

    Field Tarp Manufacturers in China

    Field tarps need a professional manufacturer to produce large in-house plants and lifting machines. Dandelion offers field tarps in wholesale. Our field tarps are made of 15-20oz vinyl tarpaulin fabric to ensure it is 100% waterproof, preventing the football field, construction site, and other large sports fields from mildew, dust, and rain.

    Field tarps can significantly reduce the maintenance cost of the grass, with a football field protecting the turf and sod. Designed for foot traffic, they preserve the grass below by being durable and robust. There are brass grommets every five feet, which are two-ply hems and toughened by two layers. Furthermore, they are resistant to mildew growth and sun damage, ensuring they maintain the sports field for years.