Asphalt Tarp Manufacturers in China

Asphalt Tarp Manufacturers in China

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Asphalt tarp is designed for asphalt trucks with dump beds. Dump truck tarps with hot asphalt are the most effective tarps for asphalt loads. A reinforced pocket for Steel Arms and 6-inch thick heavy-duty hems are accented by webbing, double-lock stitching, and grommets that are evenly spaced on this asphalt tarp.

Our asphalt tarps provide high resistance against abrasion, ripping, corrosion, and rust. They work exceptionally well in high temperature working places. They also won’t quickly shrink or wrinkle under environmental conditions, which means we can ensure your brand for an extended warranty.

If you are looking for a reliable tarp finished product company, you can rely on Dandelion. Buy asphalt tarps in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

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What is Asphalt Tarp?

Asphalt tarps are suitable for welding situations that may cause sparks to increase the potential danger.

It can resist sparks, slag, welding, and spatter. Restrain the fire accident that may occur in the workplace, separate the working layer, and eradicate welding work. Special functions feature good thermal insulation, no melting or dripping, high strength, and no thermal shrinkage.

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Asphalt tarps can be produced with different coatings or composite treatments (PVC, chlorine tincture, silica gel, aluminum foil, etc.) to cater to various functions:

  • waterproof, wear-resistant, anticorrosive, oil-resistant, thermal reflection
  • step-by-step heating resistance
  • heat preservation time
  • withstand 220℃ thermal temperature

When the target temperature exceeds 550 ℃, the tarp is recommended to add glass fiber fabric coated with vermiculite. The tarp can also be woven with high-density silicon fiber in the other solution. The uncoated tarp is usually softer and more suitable for covering objects.

How about the standard material of Asphalt Tarps?

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Asphalt tarps are made from non-alkali glass fiber, medium alkali glass fiber, expanded glass fiber, non-expanded glass fiber, multi-strand twist, single strand twist, and so on. Because of their high surface area to weight ratio, woven glass fiber fabrics are useful thermal insulators. On the other hand, the increase in the surface area makes them more vulnerable to chemical attack. Glass fiber blocks make good thermal insulation since they trap air within them, with thermal conductivity of less than 0.05 W/(m·K).

In conclusion, with the specific structure and elements of various glass fibers, the asphalt tarp can provide an excellent flame retardant function that can be used in multi-purpose applications.

Where can I wholesale Asphalt Tarps to my clients?

Close the evacuation elevator leading to the aisle, close the elevator room leading to the front room, and the door leading to the aisle. Inspection doors for vertical pipe wells such as cable wells, pipe wells, smoke exhaust channels, garbage channels, etc.

Divide the fire zone and control the firewalls and doors on the fire partition. When it is difficult for a building to set up a firewall, use a fire shutter door instead. At the same time, it needs to be protected by an asphalt tarp curtain.

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New or replacement asphalt tarps fit most models of dump trucks and dump trailers. The tarps are designed to withstand high temperatures. Consequently, the Heavy-Duty Expandable Asphalt Tarp won't stick to your asphalt or burn through it. Asphalt tarps provide high water and wind-resistant and durable surface for use in hot or cold climates.


Finished Size

6'x8' 8'x12' 12'x16' 16'x24' 8’x22’ 8’x28’ 8’x32’ 20’x20’ 30’x30’


Vinyl Membrane Structure Fabric

Glass Fiber Fabric

High-density Silicon Fiber Fabric

Surface Coating

PVC, chlorine tincture, silica gel, aluminum foil

Fabric Weight

10oz - 20oz Per Square Yard


16-32 Mils


Black, Army Green, Grey

General Tolerances

+2 inches for finished sizes



Flame Retardant

UV Resistant

Mildew Resistant


Brass / Aluminum / Stainless Steel


Heat-Welded Seams for Perimeter




3-5 Years



Weather Protection


Outdoor Vehicle Covers

new home improvement

Home Improvement


Construction Projects


Camping & Awning



Our Asphalt Tarp Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Specification Service

Our expert designers handle product design and packaging solutions from start to finish, catering to any specific needs. Combining R&D and procurement, we work with you to create the perfect asphalt tarp design for your product, along with expected features and cost-effective options.

RoHS-Certified Material 

Dandelion asphalt tarps are made from high-quality 18oz superior vinyl coated polyester. Utilizing various coating techniques like PVC, aluminum foils and silicon coating, we produce the asphalt tarps without non-toxic chemical elements.

Print Your Label

Asphalt tarps are very ideal for displaying your brand logo on it. We can make your requirement into reality. Custom label design and size are available to your asphalt tarps, and get your target market’s attention.

Packing Design to Commercialization

We can handle various packing solutions to assist you with more safe packages. Dandelion can match them perfectly and add the wood frame with the minimum volume to fix pallets and save your warehousing cost.

Machine in the Process

Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

High Frequency Welding Machine

High Frequency Welding Machine

Pulling Testing Machine

Pulling Testing Machine

Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Water Repellent Testing Machine

Water Repellent Testing Machine

Manufacturing Process

Raw Material

Raw Material











Why Dandelion? 

Expertise Market Research

Customer-Based Requirements

RoHS-Certified Raw Material

BSCI Manufacturing Plant

SOP-Based Quality Control

Sturdy Packing

Lead Time

24/7 Online

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